Sfera Sports Association is the Partner of the athlete and coach on their way building a brilliant professional sports career. Our team, as a whole, works together for each basketball player and coach separately to extend the outlook and maximize its value and career. We are the ones:
  • To implement long-term strategic plan aimed at optimum athletic career.
  • To raise the skills and perspective of the athlete development and to meet the requirements of membership in professional basketball, those that will establish a high level of performance.
  • To develop both the skills and outlook of the coach and the network of contacts and acquaintances.
  • To negotiate and draft contract providing a sports service.
  • To manage on a daily basis for the career of an athlete / coach for the development and promotion of talent and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, our agency provides Legal Advice and Services:

For matters relating to relations Athlete / Coach - Association / Clubs and generally relating to the Sports and Employment Law (e.g. negotiation training contract, representation in Financial Dispute Resolution Committees, at ASEAD and Labour Courts etc. representation before Arbitration for Sport, such as for example Tribunal of FIBA, BAT and CAS). Also provided Alternative Dispute Resolution through Sport Mediation.

For issues related to various other aspects of human activity of the athlete / coach; Preparation and training of various other legal documents.

Finally, in collaboration with skilled associates specialized in each of the Sfera Sports Association provides the "cover" of the athlete and coach in several other areas equally important for the development of skills and talents, but also the seamless involvement with the track racing career having solved many other important issues that inevitably, because of his athletic status, are an integral part of it.

Specifically, the Group of Sfera Sports Association is consisted of the below mentioned Special Partners:

Insurance director

Financial director

Tax director

Public relations director

Occupational rehabiliation director



Personal development trainer

Physical/Gymnast condition trainer