Giannis Tsirogiannis received flattering comments at the top level webinar in the USA!

After his appearance in webinars in Italy and the Middle East, Giannis Tsirogiannis was the keynote speaker at the ‘’International Basketball Coaches Clinic’’, a world-class US webinar, one of the largest and top training platforms in the world. Many well-known coaches (from Europe and USA) have spoken at this webinar and it is characteristic that after the speech of Giannis Tsirogiannis, it was followed by that of Pini Gerson (former coach of Euroleauge teams such as Maccabi Tel Aviv and Olympiacos) and Andrea Trinchieri (former coach of Men’s Greek National Team, who finished the 2019-20 season in Partizan). 

The "low post and short roll options" were the topic analyzed by coach Tsirogiannis and the choice of the specific training issue, which is considered very complex-specialized, as well as the detailed presentation of the issue by the experienced Greek coach during his speech, resulted in highly praise comments about him and his appearance on the US webinar. The Greek coach referred in detail to the three axes for the execution of the "perfect" attack, starting the analysis from the "transition game" and continuing to the "low post and short roll actions" but also to "late clock situations". The Greek coach presented 14 different situations (options) for "low post and short roll", which were accompanied by 14 explanatory videos.

In addition, coach Tsirogiannis developed his philosophy by explaining the part of "read and react game". That is, how any player in a team, whether he is "short" or "tall", will "read" the game correctly and will "react" correctly when he has the ball, in order to "come out" the best possible choice. aggressively. Specifically, the Greek coach gave valuable coaching "directions" on how a basketball player, regardless of his position on the floor, will act as a "point guard" (as required in modern basketball) from the moment the ball is in his possession, in order for his team's attack to be carried out correctly.

Summarizing his successful presentation at the US Webinar, Giannis Tsirogiannis referred to the methodology and implementation of all the above, ie how a coach will "transfer" to athletes all the required steps, step by step (eg what will show -among other things- regarding all-collaboration, or the move that needs to be followed), in order for "plays" to "come out" for "low post and short roll actions" and what is the required time frequency of the coach's teaching, ie every time the relevant "lesson" should be given to the players, both in terms of the daily training program and in general for the weekly training program of a team.