Coles Julius

Al Ahli (2018-19, Qatar)

Play Maker, Shooting Guard




Born in

Harlem, NY

Born on




Previous teams

  • Al Sadd (Qatar, 2017-2018)
  • US Monastir (2015-17, Tunisia)
  • Sigal Prishtina (2014-15, Kosovo, Balkan League)
  • KK Lirija (2013-14, FYROM)
  • Siroki (2013-14, Bosnia, Adriatic League)
  • Schwelmer Baskets (2012-13, Germany proB)
  • Canisius (2007-11, NCAA)
Not available

Records and titles

Tunisian cup finalist (2016, 2017)
Kosovo cup finalist (2015)
FYROM cup finalist (2014)
All Germany ProB 1st team (2013)

A few words

A very unselfish combo guard who knows how to lead and run a team at a high level

 He is approximately 195cm guard, crazy athletic, can shoot the threes, loves the fast break ,high quality offensive player, scorer ,can rebound and pass the ball, defense is average ,very good character and friendly person

 JULIUS understands the game and knows how it's played. He's a point guard who scores without forcing the issue, but is not afraid to take responsibility when needed. If the situation asks to get teammates involved he will reduce his scoring output and add to his assist total. Offensively, Julius possesses great ball handling skills, always plays under control and does not falter against full court or half court pressure. Being a natural right hand of the coach, Julius is also able to create and break a play to score. Defensively, his quick hands and footwork help him a lot to stay in front of his opponent and come up with steals. Julius is a leader on the court who can score in many ways and has all the skills to make the players around him look better. He's a clutch player with cold blood when the game is on the line in the last minutes. Julius is extremely dangerous in the transition phase almost always making the right decision. He can go coast to coast, pull up for the shot, or find the right guy running the lanes. In the half court set Julius also has many options to choose from. He is an excellent pick and roll player as he is able to turn the corner and take it to the hole. When the defense cheats or switches he can hit the three or take a bigger guy one-on-one. In addition to his skills on both ends of the floor he has the necessary desire and drive to win every game.


G GS Min Pts 2FG 3FG FT Rebounds As St To Blocks Fouls PIR
O D T Fv Ag Cm Rv
Totals 14 14 522 264 72/126 20/66 60/83 17 56 73 79 31 32 3 0 29 0 331
Averages 14 14 37.3 18.9 57.1% 30.3% 72.3% 1.2 4 5.2 5.6 2.2 2.3 0.2 0 2.1 0 23.6


Al Ahli-Al sadd 79-85 (no12 green, 21pts, 7 reb., 10ast.)
Qatar 2017-18 Highlights
Al Gharafa-Al Sadd 78-92 (no12 grey, 35pts, 7 reb., 3ast., 7/9 threes)
Al Ahli-Al Sadd 99-101 (no12 white, 31pts, 9reb, 8stl, 3ast)
2016-17 Highlights Tunisia
Club Africain-US Monastir
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