Kyriakou Dimitris

Nevada (2016-19, NCAA)


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Previous teams

  • YMCA (2015-16)
  • Anatolia (2014-15, Div.B, head coach)
  • AGO Rethymno (2013-14, A1 Greece,
  • Greek National team Maccabiah (2013, head coach)
  • Jordan U16 and U18 national team(2011-2012, head coach)
  • Jordan men's national team (2012,
  • Machtes Pefka(2012-13, Β' Εθνική, head coach)
  • Pierikos/Archelaos (2011-12, Α2, head coach)
  • Aias Evosmos (2010-11, Β' Εθνική, head coach)
  • Aetos Kilkis (2009-10, Γ' Εθνική, head coach)
  • Aris Salonika (2007-09, U18, head coach)
  • ICBS (2005-07, Α2,
  • Iraklis Salonika(2002-03, Α1,
  • Furman University (2001-02, NCAA, conditioning coacg)
  • Nevada University (1997-99, NCAA,
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Records and titles

U18 Greek national championship (2009, 25-0 record)
Twice Thessaloniki state U18 champion (2003, 2009)
Champion of North and Central Greece U18 (2003)
5th place in Maccabiah games (2013)



Master’s Thesis: “Satisfaction in Physical Education Classes 
Among Private and Public Middle School Students”
“Τhe effect of super-slow training on aerobic capacity and body composition in college-age males” (Conference poster ACSM 2002)
“Comparison of effectiveness organized offences between two different championships in high level basketball” International  Journal of performance Analysis and Sport,